Welcome to the beautiful shores of Lake Superior

Chosen as one of Minnesota's Treasures by Chase & Morgan Publishing

"Our Beach was awarded a 2012 Nationwide Five Star Rating by the
Natural Resources Defense Council"

Northern Lights Views from Northern Lights Sunbathing

Dear Dick & Nancy, Thanks so much for the opportunity to stay in Northern Lights. We had a truly brilliant time and leave with great memories and a hope to return sometime!
- Sterners & Jols

Rent a Beach Home. . .

Enjoy a Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall "Vacation" in a beautifully decorated home on the shores of Lake Superior, in the Northland of Minnesota. The properties are located on the man made island of Park Point in Duluth, Minnesota. The sandy shores on the far western tip of Lake Superior are right in your back yard giving you access to numerous on site activities from Beachcombing to Kayaking or watching the Northern Lights in the evening. These properties offer the greatest photo opportunities.

Lake Superior. . .

Lake Superior is the world's largest freshwater lake - a huge, rock-bound lake that is capable of piling ice high against the shore, and producing ocean sized currents and waves. Waves as large as 31 feet have been recorded, and Lake Superior is the grave of more than 325 ships. It stretches 380 miles east to west and 160 miles across at it's widest. The big lake has 2,900 miles of shoreline, 31,820 square miles of surface area, an average depth of 489 feet and a maximum sounding depth of 1,333 feet. Water clarity is incredible, with visibility recorded to as much as 65 to 75 feet. Average water temperature is 40 F and it can effect a difference in air temperature as much as 20 F as far as 20 miles from its shores.

Aerial Lift Bridge. . .

The Aerial Lift Bridge connects the island of Park Point to the city of Duluth and was designed to carry vehicular and pedestrian traffic over the entrance to the Duluth Harbor, the aerial lift bridge was a compact solution to the problem of getting people and goods from one side to the other while allowing huge ships to also pass through the canal www.duluthshippingnews.com. The first bridge in this location was an aerial transfer bridge. This type of bridge has the same steel arch as a lift bridge, but instead of having a stable road surface moving up and down, it has a smaller platform that slides from one bank to the other suspended by a latticework of steel trusses.

When open, the bridge clearance is 138 feet. When closed, it is 15 feet

Duluth Aerial lift bridge open   Duluth Aerial lift bridge closed

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